Political Now
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Political now, to what extent?

"Subject and object are distinct" said Rene Descartes, hence the distinction matters, but

  • between being objective and being subjective does there exists other being,
  • is a distinction in itself either an object (n)or a subject,
  • does the matter of distinction is a matter to be considered generically in any theory attempting to organize things,
  • could we call such third thing, as a distinction between two things, a meta thing and
    • with which could we then

build the next order of organizing things?
A touch is the nearness satisfying mutual influence, a touch belongs to both which touch,
even when the one is an object and the other is a subject, a touch is the third living with both,
a touch is a relation when it is related,
so let's now touch each other and let's impeach the president,
torturing for oil won't make it and imperialism won't worth it, if already we lost our rights, imperialism won't even hold the streets, when the streets won't hold the anger,
so let's bring back
our rights, let us together touch now and please let us impeach the president for stealing our rights,
let's impeach him
together with whoever is in the way to impeach

As you were born, corruption was predicted to kill and indeed did kill you, dear USA's constitution, sorry for you, but we are not in the powers of the minorities in cooperation gaining control on commercial, media's, governmental, elective, military's and/or militarized bodies, for the purpose of sucking us, and yes they are done and they are bigger than any of what could be the reasoning upon which we could build our societies, and so as they are allowed by you to control in USA and by USA to outspread the corruption inherited in USA through out USA in form of a new world order of one governing upon all, could you still believe that we would allow you to dominant ? Look, you wanted check and balance and where are you, while we escape and join again and again? Oh ye let's cry cry cry.

The evidence of the acting president deceiving nation controlled by the media and controlling the world demand structural changes .

Why Constitution Now?

Because we see how the constitution of usa would become a hot topic (mainly in the conflict between the legislative and the executive powers) and because we believe that it would be "cooler" (higher in its marketing efficiency) to participate in making our constitution as opposed to only learning and arguing about what the wise people then, more than 200 years ago, meant it to be and also because the European constitution is in its making!!!

And Oh, by the way, would you please answer this question:

As you are a citizen of usa, or in the case you were such citizen, what between the two would you favorite, if the two were to contradict each other and the two were:

A. what the constitution determines;
B. what usa itself, or a citizen, or a body in usa, represents or acts?

1. No Preference, I do not know enough about what usa represents or acts.
2. I would favorite A.
3. I would favorite B.
4. No Preference, I do not know enough about the constitution.
5. No Preference, A and B can never be contradictive.
6. No Preference, only per each case of contradiction I could answer.
7. not one of the above.


This era of globalization or USA, states and constitutions in general:

Observing the current of developments in this trend toward globalization, which can only be resulted in loosening the confining of the states themselves, we find noticeable that the significance of what is a state, including the constitution of, or the foundations for ruling in, the state, as it is applied to any state, is in a deep transformation.

We stress any state, also in front of the clash between the globalization keeping its sustainability as a whole on one side and the "New world order" in the doctrine of pnac with their “new Pearl Harbor” as a catalytic factor event together with the increase of the imbalance of the economy of USA on the other side.

Having in mind deep transformation applied to any state, we also find out that the reasoning makings embedded in each of the states, as it is granted by such constitution or any other foundations for ruling in the states, when clarifying against what to defense and for what to act, are increasingly resulted in being mismatched, unmatched, unsound, and/or bad handling of information, hence install confusion between who is an enemy, with whom to align, from within or from outside, and why.

We assume that such obfuscating installs more fear and aggression as more it is lasting, while we observe, upon and within such confusion, the scale of corruption elaborating false flag operations and their pretexts arises within the current trend toward globalization, and as we find out the arising of greater forces than states, within and in between the states, especially where the forces use economic powers as their means and goals.

We are inspired by the U.S. CONSTITUTION, but while observing how its principles are abused, we must assume also that this CONSTITUTION in its foundations allows, as the people let, this abuse to happen. From all over the world we are involved in these efforts and matters, also because the USA is so dominant in the world.

At any rate, we believe that the knowledge of all is not available or reliable for us for to establish upon it our powers to be fluently and we believe that we do not know all !!!

~~namzezam at 24/01/07~~

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