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Why do we hold the approach of delivering products we develop ONLY to a specific kind of communities?

Always and at any rate, to any product there is at least one set of cultural wisdom/s attached to it.

Considering such set, any such product can be used in various ways mapped between for, until against, what is considered by a specific community as its common good.

e.g. Cars as products for "our common good" shall be used for carrying not killing people.

Such set of cultural wisdom/s we understand as ethical codes, with which we can grasp all the necessary details, mainly due to our interactions in our communities and much beyond any legal means derived from manuals and licensing attached to the products.

Hence the interactions in communities is more effective than all the formal written frame provided with the products.

e.g. The free and open source products by the means of licensing distinguish the users and developers around the products as one community from any other, with the concept that knowledge of how to make products must be shared with distributing the products and this instruction is accepted as ethical code due to the actual reactions in that community which benefit also from the knowhow, together making the community to be so effective. Without the constant dynamic guidelines provided in the reactions in that community, the dry law would not make this community be so well understood to its members, hence be so effective.

Moreover, at least sometimes the laws binding the rules derived from both: the licensing and the manuals, can only protect those who have enough capital for processing the justest regraded as such common good.

And so, what we want is to be developed as communities growing with developing our products with matching to our set of beliefs considering the products and concepts about the common good we have, one of which concepts is that the rule of laws shall not be weaker than that of the states, hence we can not be based on licensing alone.

Hence we hold the approach of delivering products we develop ONLY to a specific kind of communities, which share the concept of the constitution of its citizens, which we ask you and any other to help in forming it.

Is not it fair?

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