We And Our Powers

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Our powers can be divided into 3 practical and 1 spiritual (LCOS) categories of powers, which are (to be) exercised by us upon any resources, where the categories are:

The (L) Labored power -

each power in this category is exercised in the work/service and the manner of working/servicing which we do and perform/produce in return to resources or which chose not to do and/or to perform/produce;

The (C) Consuming power -

each power in this category is exercised by the choices we make in the spending of resources we do or do not;

The (O) Opinionative power -

each power in this category is of having an opinion and acting according to it, an opinion, among the others, such as a political one;

The (S) Spiritual power -

this is a collective term for powers other than the 3 practical powers (the L, C and O). By our spiritual powers we constitutes our identities in the attempts to answer who/how we are and to what/whom we belong, while, in regarding to the others, as we exercise the inclusion in and/or the exclusion out of the oneness/es, which each, some and/or all of us belong to, is, become, want/need to be, to become, and/or promote etc, as that oneness/es is/are the set according which we orient.

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