It's the system, stupid, decentralize it!

this constitution in the commercial word is implemented now at the IsWith - networking for Common Companies and individuals

The Entries (for solutions)

Fight the ONE global governing (as NWO), by legally and commercially DECENTRALIZING the global system!!!

Here we assume 9/11 as inside job and that more than one bullet where fired to kill jfk,
hence the cover up defines the current system,
(such that, if jfk case would be uncovered, then no one could plan and conspire the 9/11 as a tool to govern. )
see also PNAC and our we-observe

You OWN not only YOUR personal property, which is transferable to money, but also (you own) your proportional (and equal) share in the common property being all the resources owned by your state. It is your responsibility and your power. Let's legalize it, such that You must be able to reassign your share, as you are able to do with your money.

As we would keep this simple statement as a starting point true for any one, we would continue with Decentralizing our Human Systems!!!

Centralized Globalization invites Corruptions

  • All laws originate only in states and as such are only Under the states;
  • The centralized globalization is Upper than any state and allows money controlled by few bankers and shareholders, due to their short terms CEOs, to manipulate representative, media and currency of each state, for their own short term gains;
  • The phenomenon of corruption is backed by the centralized globalization (and as such left over upper than, and out of any control in, each state, hence left over upper than any law) while increasing its power, when using the media, the currency and the agencies of the states for, and by, the fear of panic in each state;
  • The main practice in use by individuals for evaluating the differences between themselves is of comparing the amounts of their private properties, which are depended on currencies of each state, as opposed to the amounts of their share in common properties; and
  • Any state is already weaker than the centralized globalization for containing any constitution defending its citizens.

see also the terms- related-to-Property

Why now?

  • Because currently globalization, backed with privatization of any state's resources, takes over, while weakening, the power of the states and/or of the constitutional federal governing, only in which any rule of law can originate;
  • Because the current centralized globalization, wherein few control the many, proved itself as encouraging global corruption (wherein no law, but the power of the fews over the many, rules and acts against any state and/or their resources for the benefit of the few) ; and
  • Because the players, attacking the origin of rule of law (meaning attacking the power of states, except of their short term gains), while being the ring (or elite) of connected few, in coordination shield by their loyalties, attack the many and have the control over the mainstream media, economy and education, still failed in the governing itself, as the controlled system while reflecting in state of denial, still failed in manging the matters considering the known evidences as for
    • who could be responsible for the 9/11 events and
    • how many bullets where fired to kill jfk.

Hence now, as the scale of cases of corruptions in any state increases it proves not only the individuals, but the global system itself, as the one letting the act of such individuals to emerge, as a whole being, and getting be more then ever, rotten, now, as the scale of cases of corruptions, is the time for all of us to act against corruption by decentralizing the globalization itself, that is to gain any system wherein any power of few over many can not be maintained in the hands of the few and/or by being connected to those few.

A Comment on the common mistake of econometricians: It seems that econometricians talking about economic growth do not consider in their quantitative the instability of the system when it originates in the increasing gap between the many being poor and few being rich, as the strength of, with the trust in, the rule of law decreases, if the ruling power would originate in agreement of free knowledgeable participants. We observe instead an increased use of forces, by means of polices, draconic laws and/or occupation by armies, all of which originate in states attacked by corruption cases. These forces are found to be controlled by few corrupting the states. Hence the more such forces are required in correlation to ruling the increasing gap between poor and rich the more the system gets nearer to its collapsing if the system could contain cases of corruption, in regard to the system itself and regardless any quality or qualifying of the people in the system and so, any of so called economic growth when the growth of wealth is only of the few and on the account of the many seems illusion. e.g. for the few versus the many is the G8's concentrations of power and use of force against their opponents, of which some "cherry-picked" are labeled terrorist.

Note: Clearly all current political elements in USA are afraid from impeachment, for the education matters, where only 55% (May 8,2007) are against it, therefor who must be targeted are not political players but the big cooperations running them!!!


not only YOUR personal property, which is transferable to money, but also (you own) your proportional (and equal) share in the common property being all the resources owned by your state. It is your responsibility and your power. Let's legalize it, such that You must be able to reassign your share, as you are able to do with your money. And let's do it NOW, for to fight the big cooperations' control over any state by corrupting only for the benefits of their shareholders. All which we need is a legal frame containing our differences, i.e. the minimum defining the international system to be decentralized, regardless any judgment, which we might forced, but only in our sub-constitutions regulating our common properties in our states.

The correlation and attachment between

  • choosing and creating such sub-constitutions in one hand and
  • in the other hand the able to be beneficial and able to be reassigned ownership, owned separately by each of us, over the proportional share in the common property of the state (of which control is regulated by the sub-constitution),
    • is the only dynamic and a posteriori mean for making us ETHICAL, when we do not have the knowledge of all but still each of us seek for achieving benefits.

And, by the way, in the end of the day, if you think about it, you would have much more property and power in your hands. Is not it a good deal for YOU to start realizing it NOW?


  • There is an intensive research proving that human are more active in reflection upon expressing what they may loose and are more passive in reflection upon expressing what the may earn, that is correlated with fear making as a tool for engineering mind of mass of people. The question here is how long are you going to be passive when reflecting upon what could you gain here?

See also the negative terminology of propty

  • This proposed system is not communistic one since it allows private properties, nor it is capitalistic one, since it allows active sharing in controlling the common properties of us.

We begin here with an agreement we call constitution of its citizens.

Constitution of its citizens - agreement:

  • the control over common prosperities are divided into separated states, in each of which the common properties are owned by the citizens of the state and shall be defined by
    • the sub-constitution/s as for the HOW and the WHEN the control is to be exercised
    • and branches of power as for the WHO and the FOR WHAT the control is to be exercised; and
  • the control of each such state upon its resources is exercised only in 4 branches of power, completely separated, defined according to their functionality and independently being elected,
    • where the branches are:
      • informative,
      • legislative,
      • executive
      • and judicial.
    • where the informative branch is the one responsible for managing all the information considering which decisions are made in each of the 4 branches,
      • where each such decision may be considered as information for other such decisions,
      • where the informative is the one issuing a unique ticket attached with all the information considering which each such decision is made, as the information with the ticket is to be in the public domain, after a defined maximum time (of its classification), if not immediately and
      • where any such decision is authorized as "one based on information" only if its unique ticket is revealed.

(The informative branch is for Applying the Big Brother on itself.)

Common companies compete big cooperations:

For making money ALSO without Adds , with closing and/or OPENING the source of the companies, while decentralizing also our compressional structures, please read IsWith .

Could we attack the big cooperations?

Yes, and we can make it by non political and legal means, here you can see how.

See also the contradiction in which we are leaving, When and How and some terms and conclusion.


This Proposal is for Constitution belonging to the People of the world:
The People are the citizens having the power to decide as they are direct citizens of the international system. The People always are able to decide about both: their private and common, properties, in a legal and international system and without one (new) world order. In short: while the NWO attempts to gain a centralized globalization, this Proposed constitution is a system guaranteeing Decentralizing of the globalization, when acknowledging the irreversibly of the existence of the globalization itself.

You are invited to participate with us in drafting an agreement, between you us and other, for the benefit of the People of the world regarding their life, liberty, property and mutual happiness.

Why this effort is important to you?
Because currently we the people have no control on our common properties, which belong to us, but manipulated by our representatives in each state or federal governing.

Dear friends, please consider this:

You and other visit this site more than once and are interesting in this project,
but this project would come to its final stage without your or other's financial support.

Any amount, even 5$, you can and want to contribute is ok,

The Homes:

See and respond to our Solution in a Nutshell.
And please help
by referring to here,
by adding your content to here,
and/or, if it is easier for you, by simply making a donation .

For keeping this process, 500 eu per month are required, but currently having 0 eu.
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nam-Home namzezam another entry is organizing things. It is too lonely for me here. Me hope YOU would make your home (also) here. c u then.
Any home is one personal view of our common "CONTEXT" binding us all

What are the entries:

This is the entries point to a set of solutions. Here the set is in your hands!!! Normally and for one moment only, you find yourself in front of a license. Then, it may look ugly but necessary for continuing, so you check it by your thumb and approve "it" with clicking OK. You do not care and they seem not to care and everyone is happy, until the next corner: the court or another OK. This means that "something important for someone" is active behind the scene and that you hope to win more and that YET AGAIN "it" would not catch you.

Here we go differently. Instead of asking you before approving only to read "it", we expect you to write "it" and to act according to "it". We let you participate in what is important for us. Our purpose is to replace the eventually pointless blaming with such a CONTEXT, which would allow our alternative activities to shape our living.
The means are:

  • Here, we are creating and correlating with communities around a new legal frame being constitution of its citizens, which is proposed as the common "CONTEXT" between us all; (After accepting that the world in a way "got completely nuts", this "CONTEXT" is a positive statement establishing what we agree to be the form according which we act between ourselves and others, foreseeing that only around this "CONTEXT" we are to be build. This "CONTEXT" is our conclusions, based on evidences as we understood them, so we also provide our view of the evidences. );
  • We establish this "CONTEXT" here and ask you to participate in any way you could imagine (it is a wiki site having its own SYNTAX, so you can change this site and influence any thing in it including the "CONTEXT"); and
  • We develop a technology, which we will deliver ONLY to such communities, which would accept the "CONTEXT" (and if this sounds like a to aggressive approach for you or toward you, please visit our clarification in social-tech-why).
    • Please tell us your opinion about it (you can use the comments at the top-left of any page).

In short: We develop the technology ONLY for social use, which would increase the political power of the people by the use of their economic forces. We would not start to develop applications using the technology until having a community, to which we deliver. Here you can check and participate in making our common context binding us together, so please do, if you find yourself part of it, join in as a member and help us to make the step of building one community to be done as soon as possible, thanks.


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Ok, it seems that 9/11 is here forever to stay, through having a decent impeachment being made and it seems hard to believe, but it would be made just because so many people try so hard to push it aside as an irrelevant issue.

Why are we so sure about it? Well, because we prepare ourselves for a very long run.

For us this issue is relevant as one example for how bad the rule of laws is manipulated nowadays, happy we are that we have no other choice than to correct it. Our motivation is not simply the revenge for the past, but the learning from the past for the future, in which those who send the terrorists, which made the 9/11 events, would prefer not to do it again.

Our way is of ComComizing and our target is this constitution of its citizens. starting here we are now making it. See alao the Entries (for solutions).

The Citizen's Constitution

We start in joining

Introduction Its relevancy A Challenge: A Message , Freedom and Safety Solution Help
First view What is it, what to expect here? From the problems we have to the solutions we want important for the citizens of USA are NOT necessarily antonyms of each other in a nutshell, or a logical conclusion and how to get involved

Introduction - globalization, rule of laws

originate in states and Corruption:

Rule of laws in contradiction of powers:

For those who want the rule of laws, here is the contradiction in which we are leaving:
  • Laws are under the states;
  • Upper than the states is the globalization, which allows money controlled by bankers to manipulate representative and media of any state;
  • Corruption left over upper than the state and hence upper than the law, for fear of panic; and
  • Any state is already too weak for containing any constitution defending its citizens.

Here are the good news:

  • Consumption IS the fuel for globalization;
  • Consumption IS what we do and it is in our power to choose what to consume; and
  • If we are well organized we can affect political factors by our choices of consuming (i.e. in a flash act mode and when we are well organised in our ComCom).


The irreversibility of the globalization

in correlation with justest, truth & rule of law:

In the past, there were coalitions between states and always those coalitions stood against other such states, but nowadays we face (at least tendency toward) one collation between all states. This special coalition is the globalization and it already changed what any state might be, even as the current globalization is dominated by one state such as USA.

Satisfied or not, we acknowledge that the exercise of globalization had become irreversible, when considering Central banks and banking sectors together with the global dependencies in regard to any control of each state over its currency, in contrast to the prior independent control of each such state over its currency, and as long as ownership over properties is the most effective social factor.

With such irreversibility of the globalization, states are much less independent units, regardless of their borders or resources, up to the degree of any constitution of, or any system of selecting representatives for, each such state is almost irrelevant for the actual leaving of the individuals in the states (at least in time of peace between states and as long as each constitution is valid only for one state).


  • We are leaving in a huge wave of transformation, as what may confine a state becomes looser, but still the origins of any rule of laws are only such states;
  • Each state together with its roles, rulers and rules does not maintain the frame in which we are leaving; and
  • The total of our consuming powers is greater than the total of our legal powers.

The sensitivity of the globalization as a system is not to justest nor to truth & rule of law, unless in frame of continuity of its main sensitivity to satisfactions & winnings in forms increasing consumptions, up to the degree that the information by the media is manipulated around fear of panic from which all the system might collapse and doing that for years despite the necessity of the citizens to know (the truth for ruling the law) for to make any right decision.

With such sensitivity, the real and proved danger which must always come to such system is delusion, denial and unaccountability until collapse ( e.g. Iraq war, fear of weapons of mass distraction and the identity of the makers of 9/11 events).


Some first conclusion and terms:


  • At any rate, the measure of the transformation caused by the globalization in regard to any entity being a state shall not only be considered as being at risk, but even already being irrelevant, that being said, if all states tend to be governed by one government, or would end up being not governed by one government;
  • For the good and the bad we are unified (also, but not only, because of the climate changes, which we create); and
  • The choices we nowadays have are not between either globalization or any structure of independent states, but between either centralized or decentralized globalization.

Before we continue let's clarify here three terms:

  • Private property is the resources belonging only to one or more individuals, of which any other is excluded from influencing the resources, where comparing the amounts of private properties per individuals is used as one of the measures by which the individuals evaluate differences between themselves.
  • State is the one which controls natural and other resources belonging to the individuals being the citizens of the state, thus state is a collective control on resources belonging to the citizens but being not private properties of the citizens.
  • Corruption is the act by one or more individuals pretending serving the state but attacking the state for gaining control ( in form of their ownership ) on the resources of the state.

In the impact of globalization as it weakens any state and because corruption acts against states, let's now consider these three observations:

  • Increasing corruption in and in between all the states ;
  • Corruption being not only about stealing money, being incompetent or being non-moral in some ways, but corruption being also dangerous to us all, as it also kills ourselves, since it is the main wars-provoking between states;
  • Corruption being the most effective political factor in this nowadays world of globalization .

And so, if we are still in favor of the rule of law, if we are still in favor of one constitution, then this one constitution shall not be one constitution of one state, since any state is already too weak for containing any constitution defending its citizens.


Constitution, BUT NOT of 1 state,

and still forming decentralized globalization, what that could mean?

Well, imagine this:
  • one constitution belonging to its citizens and having many citizens, many states and many sub-constitutions,
    • where each state provide and control resources according to rules regulated by one or more sub-constitutions
    • and where the citizens of the constitution choose or create such states and/or sub-constitutions.

Note: Then, in a case of corruption in a state, when it is known to the citizens and even regardless of who and how made the corruption to become, the case of corruption alone may already cause the citizens with their common resources controlled by the state to move to other state and that indeed would simplify the fight against corruption for the benefit of rule of law although not for the benefit of the state, unless the state would provide convincing means to fight such corruption.


Constitution of its citizens sound like

stock market, what is common and what deffer them?

? Constitution-of-its-citizens Stock-market States-rulings
Global Rules this constitution state market regulations some intentional laws but mostly the unknown is emerged in politic and war affairs
Organization Controlling Resources state company the state
Local Rules For Controlling sub constitution company's rules laws of the state
Type Of Ownership common private common
Manner Of Ownership obligatory well distributed mostly bad distributed unknown
The Power of Balance is greater as it is more Fluent, allows more Mobility and is more Transparent yes yes unknown
Determining Owner Subjects citizens members in shareholders' meeting the executive branch of power
Owner Subjects citizens shareholders unknown
Being belong Subjects citizens employs citizens
Matter Of Exchange owning, being belong and local rules for controlling properties properties unknown

Note: As in stoke market structure and in contrast to any constitution of one state, the constitution of its citizens is of flow of powers from bottom (variety between any) to top (the common for all), because in the top there is only the minimum required for enabling this flow, also please notice that states and sub-constitutions are only bind if the citizens allow them to be bound and that Constitution-of-its-citizens and Stock-market are more complementary each to the other than being contradicting.


It sound an utopia or unrealistic, how and when

can we get to there and which are the powers that could make it real?

  • We begin here and now, everywhere we are, since the structure is build bottom to top and not top to bottom and minimum of preparations are required for starting,while as we continue we can prepare more;
  • We use our most effective powers being the consuming powers in the most efficient way for having our purposes made;
  • we let many to be activists from those who know to those who act, but still in such efficient way which would be consider as being "lazy activist"( which act for very short time and can return to previous habits, hence can easily cross the lines for participating),we care for satisfaction from the activities and care not to get into frustration of being activists, by defining our goals in achievable steps, for more see flash act in technological part;
  • we build business case, such as research and courses around our purposes and we dedicate effort for social technologies emphasizing spreading of the news of proving our powers;
  • we start in joining.


Its relevancy

This new concept is a result of years of thinking, which seemingly matches completely the real information (which we could already know, if we would observe), and which are offered to you, because of these beliefs:

  • Considering the USA as THE dominant force in the world, people from the whole world, not only from the US, should concentrate their efforts for the 9/11 impeachment as a defense for themselves, especially since the only chance to fight the corruption at any state is by understanding such corruption as globally orchestrated criminal phenomenons and even as the globally most effective type of phenomenon;
  • People tend to be unsure about or unaware of their powers and rights rooted in a constitution or structure supposed to defend them (as they defend it), up to the degree that most of the people are in favour of either breaking any structure or obeying any current ruler or governing, but in both cases with no regard to their constitutional rights;
  • People need to see a future for starting to act, but they face unresolved fundamental questions as for what could replace the current centralized globalization, and this unclearness is the weakness of the people;
  • If we could gather, agree and answer what could be such replacement, then more people would act;
  • Even just debating on such replacement causes actions and such debating is our main purpose here;
  • Resisting is not only by doing the opposite after discrediting, but also by going forward by constructing;
  • The problems are global, not anymore state-oriented, and so must be the solutions;
  • Dismissing alone is inefficient, unless it is contextual and temporal until changing an ill course; AND
  • We really don't have time, considering the changes we face.

Your knowledge is Your power and it takes Your effort to gain it!

. Considering what we know, if the 911's impeachment .
would never happen, then tyranny due to the technology would control all the globe in Nazi's form for undefined time !!! < - - - - - - - - - - - - > would be done, then "something" must replace the current centralized globalization, in this case, what would be that "thing"?
We need directly, not via any representatives, to construct, accept and radiate one legal frame, in which all citizens in relation to the frame are equal and free, since we are all different.
Such frame we need for reducing the conflicts which we face and in contrast to the current situation of people being divided in states. The states do not hold equal shares of all given resources and the laws of the states are based upon and reflect each state's share of resources, as the laws in each state do not govern the rulers of the state, but instead the rulers tend to hold the resources of the states for preventing our (the citizens) liberties!!!
Between states, let the dynamic and the movement of the citizens replace the wars led by the leaders of the states!
Between ourselves let's create the knowledge and the technology, by which we can act for making the differences as we want them to become.
The notion of a state correlates with such of a property (at its peak) and any property (at is peak) of the state belongs only to its citizens.
Let the owners of the resources be matched only after being separated from the laws and regulations in any act of choosing, authorizing or accepting each of the separated for taking any rule and/or ruling upon us.
(E.g., if you are going to loose your freedom by choosing someone to have control on the well, then primarily the rules determining how such control shall emerge must be chosen, separately from, and only afterwards matched with, choosing the very one to control the well.)
Hence, for solving the problems we must re-organize ourselves in one Constitution of its Citizens, which has many citizens, many states and many sub-constitutions, where each state provides and controls resources regulated by one or more sub-constitutions and where the citizens of the constitution choose or create such states and sub-constitutions (i.e. let this law be above any state or law and let any other law with any of the states be in the same level for all the citizens).
Act now and after! We are right now opening IsWith - Political, Technological & Social Adventure. Connect yourself and act. In IsWith you can contribute by adding your blog, page, poll and story, having your account and sharing news aggregator. MAKE US BE A HAMMER STRIKING ON THE TABLE. Join, we need to insure 100$ per month, for having IsWith be operational. You, yes you, can help. Please contact, thanks.
Don't despair. Support the technological Know How to overcome the wire tapping penetrating into your properties for monitoring your actions.

A challenge:

The more we are totally amazed to learn how generically misanthropic, cynical and rotten are the powers shaping our lives (please watch it if you did not yet), the more we know additional patching can not any more heal us as a whole and we must know wherein we are to land.

In this sense, as much as accusing alone is a necessary tool for revealing, spreading and nailing the truth, it is still insufficient and even might seem pointless to some - unless we know what we can do with such truth, or unless, regardless of who have control on making order (i.e. who is to be blamed and for what), the structure of the practices exercising the powers is completely and carefully re-examined, too. More than the identity it is the rule and the role which matters, since exchanging individuals is the easiest manipulation.

In other words, as the current constitution of the US justifies seeking for truth and justice, it is also the one which originally allowed the unreasonable lies and unjustice to happen for such a long time, in such a large scale and with such heavy costs. In this sense we should not only fight within the constitution of the US and not only within the States, but also from out of the USA and also by finding how to fix failures of that constitution, if we would find such failures.

If you still believe in the imperialistic approaches of the USA, because of the great freedom originating in its constitution, then you must also believe that this freedom has to be equal among all states, of which sovereignty is equal, too, and that this freedom can not be applied only one or few state/s. Otherwise, if you still believe in the imperialistic approaches of USA, then it is not because of the freedom originating in its constitution, and please accept honestly that here is not your place. But if you are against the imperialistic approaches, then we hope you would enjoy here, since the Constitution of its Citizens does not originate in one state, but in all its citizens, due to its nature to gain its power from their differences.

If we, the people, the individuals of the mass, rely upon the freedom of the mass, if we want the mass to be free and to act from their freedom, then we must provide to the mass also a sense of safety along with such freedom. This is a simple marketing equation, by which we don't must, but always might, fail. Such safety can only originate in the freedom of the citizens, not the other way around.

The form of providing such safety with freedom is a constitution. The constitution would defend its citizens, only when the citizens would defend the constitution, and only because the citizens would earn from having a functioning constitution. Their gain, therefore, must be tangible and holding in long terms. Such gains, we believe, originate in the freedom of the citizens, and for us to be free means not letting one's self to be controlled by fear.

One last entry point: the power of money in few hands is effective only, if the masses participate in using that money. So let the few, which hold most of the capital, to be controlled by such fear, while we prove our self-organizing system.


as we already know how well bankers surround themselves with political and governmental power, especially the power of the secret services, while all such powers are in various ways controlled by the bankers,

and as part of resisting and revealing the current ways, we and they are organized, let's figure out, prepare and radiate new ways. This time let's make the structure as we want it to be. This time the structure shall enable our freedoms and as such it shall be reasonable for us. (Only then, after we are clear about what we want, we might call lawyers and such, which may tell us what we can or cannot ask for, and why, so that we may find how we can realize what we want according to the laws of the current states.)

It, a structure in form of a constitution, is here in process, and our attempt is to establish a better type of a self-organizing system of

  • many citizens,
  • many sub-constitutions
  • and many states.

It is political, technological and philosophical (and also self-referential).

Please see a new way of organizing things, here we develop the means for unmonitored creating co-knowledge for organizing our flash acts. It is not open sourced yet, for not letting those who monitor (and control much more resources than we do) to get advantaged. The inventor and still main developer of the technology had been cutting himself out of the commercial szene and asks for your support.

What you find here, is not a documentation about the US constitution written more than 200 years ago, although this Citizen's Constitution is deeply inspired from that one. Instead, while opposing the centralized globalization, new-world-order etc, after learning from our experiences, here you can find people of the globe and people of today, which create a new constitution, hence any input given by you, be it an idea, a question, a view, a content in any language and in any media (such as video etc), a style and/or decoration etc, is important for us (at least) to be documented and considered. Anyhow, in what we observe, you can find an example of A talk of one honest lady.

An important message to the citizens of the USA

Please, if you like, learn more about your country's constitution and in the following we present some reasons for you to consider a Constitution of its Citizens in the post- 9/11 world:

  1. The citizens of the USA need the citizens of the world.
  2. The problems are global and as such they must be resolved.
  3. Centralized globalization contributes to instability and proved failure.
  4. We have to find a new structure to live in; this new structure must be relevant to, as well as desirable by, all the citizens of the world, and our differences are undeniable.
  5. You may take a look at the H.R.6166 - the Military Commissions Act AGAINST the USA citizens, proving no-check-no-balance in USA, as each of the 3 branches of power denies the constitutional rights of the citizens!!!
  6. Ye, the commercial forces are very strong, more than any other, and the actual 4th branch of power, the media, had been overtaken, so that propaganda still prevents facts from challenging their course, as a result of narrow interests and not of any set of beliefs.
  7. And in 1913, born in sin, was the Federal Reserve, which made bankers as the long run controllers of the commercial forces to control all 3 constitutional branches of power and both parties in the US, as well as other legal systems out of the States. Hence eventually the citizens of the USA will criminate the private owners of the Federal Reserve because of their stealing via their unlawful fiction authority named IRS, since other's countries citizens would criminate the citizens of the USA. For that to happen, you the People of the USA would stop to file a tax return, pay the federal income tax, have the tax withheld from their earnings or "voluntarily" file the Form 1040, while waiving their 5th Amendment right not to bear witness against themselves, since those acts are illegal. Since the citizens of the USA already have no property, but debts and receipts in from of bills, of which acknowledgment is for a return of nothing of gold or silver, here and now a new system of evaluation of properties must evolve, enable support and act from all over the world. Hence even alone the organization of such system must involve the evolution of a Constitution of its Citizens - or something similar.
  8. Your DOLLARS in regard to "the federal reserve manipulation of your GOLD".

For not returning to old mistakes of those who decided to decide instead of us, please count the events of the Black Tuesday 1929 after 1917-1914 after 1913.
And here are the Despocracy USA 2006, Zogby about 9/11 and the 5 years you lost, the 5 years of no information coming from the media or being evaluated in the congress.

Freedom is NOT necessarily an antonym of Safety!

The USA's constitution was written for defending our freedoms.

Since 1913 the constitution of the USA had failed (see the federal reserve).

What we can see as unconstitutional, and what influences in long terms, is also a failure of the constitutional system itself.

So, we are free to re-invent a new structure alternative to the failing one, considering understanding of the failure.

If you compare 200 years ago with nowadays, you will find transformation of 3 factors/issues, upon each of which the US constitution was founded, namely

  • what confines a state,
  • what is the power and the management of information and
  • what can be a check and balance in contrast to the power of capital in private hands, of which long term control is of the banks.

Some say:
"What is so great in the constitution? I am asking, because I lived all my life with the approach: 'There is no error in the system, but there is a system being an error' ".

But such systematic approach is in itself a system or an error, when it governs/conditions ALL other approaches.

At any rate, we need somehow to be with whom we do not know, and sometimes we could be in, or toward, a conflict, according which our safety is to be measured.

For such case of conflict we make agreements and when the agreements are with whom we do not know, then they are laws.

The question, then, of being free with safety, organized as a system, is:

What is the structure made of restrictions between ourselves, which is clear for, and agreed between, ourselves, and which can be best designed for making such agreements, where at any moment the weakest link between us determines the strength of our system?

Solution In a nutshell:

Property is that which is excluded from influence by other than the owner/s of the property or those which are permitted by the owner/s to influence, where such property belongs only to one of the 4 categories of property namely : either common or private and either moderated or at its peak.
the property of which ownership when is moderated or when is at its peak
common is shared with expired date without expired date
private is unshared with expired date without expired date

As part of defining and managing the properties of/in our communities of which members agree with this constitution of its citizens, please see also the The OSL - Open Solvers Licensing by which we are to grant the pns++ being the extension to pns.

This constitution of its citizens is ONE constitution, which belongs to, and defends, MANY citizens and which has MANY sub-constitutions regulating the foundations of resources divided into MANY states controlling the resources, where

  • the citizens of the constitution, at any time, may apply to each of such states and/or sub-constitutions for registration or may create it ;
  • such control by each such state upon any resources must be responsible toward the citizens of the state;
  • such resources controlled by each such state are owned in a common ownership by the citizens of the state;
  • any kind of excluding others from influencing resources, by defining the resources as private properties, is dependent upon regulation in each state, considering each such property either as being moderated or as being at its peak;
  • the share of each citizen in the common ownership on resources of such state is passed with such citizen if the citizen, under the restrictions defined in the sub-constitution/s of that state, stop to be belong to such state; and
  • the control of each such state upon its resources is exercised only in 4 branches of power, completely separated, defined according to their functionality and independently being elected, where the branches are:
    • informative,
    • legislative,
    • executive
    • and judicial.


The informative branch is the one responsible for managing all the information considering which decisions are made in each of the 4 branches,

  • where each such decision may be considered as information for other such decisions,
  • where the informative is the one issuing a unique ticket attached with all the information considering which each such decision is made, as the information with the ticket is to be in the public domain, after a defined maximum time (of its classification), if not immediately and
  • where any such decision is authorized as "one based on information" only if its unique ticket is revealed.

In relation to global-constitutional-republic, this constitution differs in that

  • this constitution may never be realized by an executive branch of power, but only by the other 3 branches, namely
      • informative,
      • legislative,
      • and judicial; and
  • the above rules are to be enforced mainly by the power of the people with the informative, legislative, and judicial branches of power of the constitution, and never with such executive branch of power, since all properties in all states are either common or private properties belonging to the citizens, and as such are all in the control of citizens, as they can move with their share of the common property from state to state and directly can make such states and/or sub-constitutions and where the citizens may be belong to many of such.

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