Centralization Overview
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The firmness of centralization

We learned that currently those how have the control (the clique/elite) use bad distributed flow of control based on the trend of the bloodline's control to situate themselves in the inner concentric circles:
  • The exercising in use is similar to throwing a stone into the water. The force of impact then creates concentric circles. The closer to the center, the more powerful is the force and the further out from the center, the weaker is the force, as all comes forth from the center source of power and as the outer concentric circles must ALWAYS obey to the force for keeping the structure being exercised.

Although the nature of this exercising is very temporal, (due to the full dependency of its force in its inner concentric circles together with the prior and constant obeying in its outer concentric circles,) this exercising is formed as a permanent structure, thanks to the bloodline's control and benefit of the structure, which constantly make

  • this exercising to be a structure
  • the structure to be political
  • and the politics, by means of making war, police, rules and/or privileges with benefiting knowledge, be forced through our trained activities into the long terms of the existing of the structure.

For the good and for the bad, the bloodline's control is reflected out from our perception of property and is emerged with discrimination in formations of states, knowledge and economic, all in attemps to stabilize the exercising as a firmed structures.

Hence those who have the control use us in the outer concentric circles for to defend themselves as well as to defend the structure, as long as we ALWAYS obey and obeying to the force is necessary for the long term existing of (the form of) the structure, even when the force leads to the wrong and/or to what is harmful, since we could disobey.

And so if in that case we had any choice for not obeying to the force, then it is us which are the accomplices in leading to the wrong and in this case the factor of (possibly) being accomplices in the blame is extremely powerful in leading to states of delusions and/or to constantly being in denial, of individual as well as of majorities in societies and this factor of blame can be extremely exercised in the act of defence of the inner concentric circles, when triggering an attachment to a cause with willingness to sacrifice for it together with ridiculing for firming the denial, such as in terms of idealizem and espeally patriotism, if the force (may) lead to the wrong and/or the cliques in the inner concentric circles deceive.

This exercising is of centralization and is still in use, despite the proved benefit of well distributed flow of control, for instance in the nature, since the nature of unique source of radiation (with no reflection) is very temporal or expensive and as such can not be a stand alone exercising in the nature, and in the cases of the fluent powers of the internet, of democracies and of economical powers in general.

~~namzezam at 24/01/07~~

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