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We use knowledge and information in order to have our powers systematically be sustainable and/or growing, as we exercise the powers we have and/or as we seek for or produce/discover these or other powers, and we even attach knowledges as abilities of the experts we trust, but in this context what knowledge and information are?


Knowledge is an exercising set of expectations corresponding to and conditioning the existence of action/s being exercised.

At any time, the quality of knowledge may be either unquantified or quantified, as the quantified knowledge is quantified by considering how much we expect the expectations, which are exercised when using the knowledge, to be satisfied, such that the higher is the satisfaction the more the knowledge is sound and the less it is unsound.


When knowledge, as a set of expectations to exercise, is or can be encoded, then the set and/or the code is the information corresponding to the knowledge.

Any information may either be undecided or either be true, when what it tells to be is able to be found in a specific exercising, or false when is unable to be found there.

We may transmit information between us and exercise its corresponding knowledge and/or may find other corresponding knowledges and even no corresponding knowledge to the transmission, where any of such cases may let us to conclude the relevancy to knowledge of the transmitted information.


Knowledge is activated corresponding to the trust we put in it, otherwise, as the knowledge us less trusted, it is more neutralized/altered by additional (and hence contradicting) power/s.

We put more trust in knowledge as the corresponding information is more true information than false one in our view and/or the knowledge appears to us more sound than unsound and/or as more the corresponding information is relevant to the remaining of each of us, such that we (would) expect ourselves be more satisfied, if and when the one alone, and/or with the others of us, would activate the knowledge.

The labels and relevancy to the remaining

Such relevancy to such remaining of each of us is built in a chain and/or feedback reaction by labeling the provider/s transmitting information and/or by labeling the information.

Such labeled labels reflects results, which we would evaluate from the testing we (could) exercise upon the knowledge corresponding to the transmitted information, when the tests are exercised in regard to the activities emerged in exercising our powers.

Please take in account that such results could be totally different between us, when we are differed upon what are the powers, which are, and/or which could be, involved in each such exercising. For examining it, you can take in account only the L and C powers we have and exercise knowledge as what most of economists as experts mostly do.

The optional collective delusion and the freedom of the individual

And so, when providers are still trusted, while transmitting to us a lot of information to which the corresponding knowledge is less and less trusted, then the powers of each of us tend to be more contradicting each other, hence each of us gets less calm and/or more unaware.

Furthermore, when we trust that such providers are all which we could be exposed to, hence such providers are absolute in the sense that together they constitutes the main transmitting power acting upon us, then we tend to change our belief system or our general set of expectations, such that the transmitted information would become more true information than false one in our view, and we might do this by losing (forgetting) information or contradicting pieces of information for intervals, we might reject knowledge and even be afraid to know.

In this respective we might function such that we are locked on such trusted providers by conditioning the information such that if the provider is not trusted then the information is not trusted and as such this information together with any such information would be information to which we would try be less exposed, even by exercising violation against our beliefs, in which case we would tend be exercising DoubleThink being the act of holding two contradictory beliefs simultaneously, fervently believing both, and being unaware of their incompatibility. (see

We then may act such that, as more as such trusted providers do not trust the information, more the information is untrusted, up to being restricted in a need for more information labeled as transmitted from trusted providers, hence in such cases no matter what is the information we are exposed to, we would consider it as true or false considering only what are the provider/s transmitting it.

But of course, and that is depended on exercising the powers each of us have, we may turn it all around, such that no matter what provider transmit the information we are exposed to, we would consider the information as undecided, true or false considering only the information.

And yes, we may also reevaluate the providers considering the information they are sending.

To such extent the powers, information and knowledges are tightly related and so by having and exercising, producing and discovering these powers, at any moment, with any momentum caused by the powers and in each of the issues that each of us is involved in, we may be and make us be free.

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