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A new kind of organizing things

with 1 revolution here and 1 revolution there we are going to get anyway.


We begin with a try to find out what are

and how these substances are interrelated, regardless what are the resources influenced by the powers.

As we observe where, how and according what we are living, we urge on and believe that answering the above questions nowadays is critical.

And as we left over with strong belief that somewhat the current foundations in our formation do not hold well.



We conclude with a try to find out a system formed by some "legal terms", which together would allow our powers be fluent.

As the collective term for such "legal terms" is The Constitution of its Citizens, intended to form a system, which in its principles would include:

  • adding a 4th elected branch of powers in a state to be kept separated from the other 3, where the 4 are:
    • informative,
    • legislative,
    • executive
    • and judicial;
  • regulating capital into moderated properties;
  • having sub-Constitutions and restricted in their size states as results of our choices.




While (and in parallel) we are building technical means for
  • helping us in exercising our powers
    • to be growing in a fluent manner
      • in front of, or within the influence of,
        • the commercial powers tending abusing or using our powers.

The means are

  • cooperating with and also building communities sharing the approaches of the constitution of its citizens,(such as IsWith - Political Technological & Social Adventure ),
  • letting the members of such communities to build and to test the new technology,
  • by the new technology integrated with other technologies creating development environment aiming products enabling us communicating free from any monitoring, while processing effectively large amount of our common and personalized knowledge,
  • gradually enabling us be effectively organized for using our Consuming powers for to force political affects by exercising the powers on commercial entities and publishing successful results,
  • with the assumed argument of effectivity to be that of minimizing the price of sacrificing of the activists members, such that instead of stopping consuming something for ever, stopping consuming that only for short time and only in specific region/s. (one context in which such argument of effectivity can be accounted is that most American are for the 911 impeachment, but not many of them, despite their knowledge of what we know, do something about it, the assumed reason is that most still believe that the price for sacrificing is too high for them.)

That is to say, in our formation and in any interwoven communities, we are building the technical means helping us focusing on the choices we make, when exercising our powers, while considering any information together with our knowledges in personalized and social manners we choose to create.

For more please see the P2PCommunities.


Specifically, we target acting in a flash act mode of actions, that is actions which are exercised such that in an instant we become committed for achieving a defined goal by exercising well-defined-short-term-actions.
(e.g. some of us in a specific region stop buying coca-cola for 3 days only, after that we can return to our habits, and still we come to the management affected from the act and say something like, "look:, it was us who made it and what we want is less sugar.)

We believe that such flash act mode of actions can be designed for better achieving of our desired targets in commercial field, as we believe that the politic nowadays is manged by bankers, by which are influenced, that is to say, we could form and/or influence the commercial powers influencing us, by reflecting back considering the choices we would make.

the associated patent
and yet again
and again
another impression by By Yugo Acimovic
(You can access the piletech also from here )

Please first:

read all this Open Public Letter to the “Pile Systems” team (Repost) and including the comments and then also
the pile-technology group in IsWith including the statement given by the group initiator Erez Elul - which is the inventor of the pile technology.


Zooming in the above piletech logo you can find:

  • 1 baseless triangle (light blue) and
  • 1 curve line ending with an arrow (light green) pointing upward.

Please imagine now that the top of the triangle represents a Xorigin (Xparent) and the base of this triangle allocates all the Xchildren of Xorigin to the Origin,

  • where each of the Xchildren is connected with a curve line ending with an arrow pointing to another origin - the Yorigin (Yparent) - of the same child, hence the child is a relation between the Xorigin and Yorigin, to which all Ychildren are allocated by curve line ending with an arrow pointing the Origin,
  • where each such relation can be either a MediuM relation, when it is allowed to related, otherwise such relation is a BottoM relation
  • and where each such relation is an ordered relation, a relation between its two origins, of which each is either MediuM, when the related is an oredered relationan, otherwise a ToP being an indicator for one signal known to the system, which we now call pile, is the system enable these signals and relations be recurrently related and still be mapped into 2+1 dimensions.

also you can find in the piletech logo

  • 1 Zero coordinate,
  • 1 other (striped-) coordinate representing one floating coordinate,
  • 1 diagonal (red), and
  • 1 curve line (yellow) without arrows.

Please imagine now that each of the points on the 1 dimensional diagonal is a unique Origin, if

  • the Origin is also positioned on the center of one floating coordinate, which at its center is connected by 1 curve line (yellow), with one point located at (X,Y) in the plane
  • and the floating coordinate is allocated to the point(X,Y) locating one MediuM relation, of which all children relating the MediuM are located upon the floating coordinate.

We use the Pile Notation System (pns), if any such point located in (X,Y) is unique point, of which the Xorigin is X and the Yorigin is Y, when the point is located in such plan and when any R indicates only one such Origin, while we either denote such relation

  • as R in the notation R = ( X, Y ) , or
  • as R in the Q, which is indicated in the notation R = ( X [ Q ] Y ),
    • if the diagonal is cat to some divisions, of which each is indicated by different Q used as a QualifieR.

Note: in the pns we distinct between origins being ToPs and the other origins, by having the ToPs surrounded with two apostrophes ( ' ) and when there is no Q between the square brackets ([]), then R is a BottoM relation, otherwise is a MediuM relation.

Conclusion :

pile is a system is of relations sharing equal citizenship.

Any signal known to the system as ToP or any MediuM relation can be related in the system with any ToP or MediuM relation, exactly as in network, but with the exception which can be found in tress, that the position of the relation or its name R "tells" all its origins in a recursion performed until all the ToPs, hence any ordered set of signals, such as any data, can be encoded to such related relations and ToPs, and be in its self (already) related. This of course let also any sub-sequence of such data be related or easily found.

In short, this is all the secret, the reset is set of rules for constructing such relations in defined StrucTs, upon which traversing by set of algorithms may reach set of conclusions and the scripting languish for that is the pns++.

For more understanding, please use contact-us after accepting the the Solution in nutshell and may you also find the need to fight against the following:

Here you can see, how the Ralf Westphal from Hamburg/Germany steals the concept and calls it Intuitive Data Base (IDB), yet, and in spite of his being personally trained by Erez Elul, without referring to the Pile technology.

Ralf Westphal's explanation

And here Pilesys did hide its activities with this "Note: You or your institution must have access rights to this article. CiteULike will not help you view an online article which you aren't authorized to view.", as all what it could have from the system invented by Erez Elul, is only under GPL license.

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