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The OSL - Open Solvers Licensing

OSL grante licensed information only in safe forums, where each such safe forum hold all
the ten following conditions :

A) Any forum, in the virtual/digital as well as in real/non-digital space, is safe forum, if signing in or entering into the forum is conditioned by commitment for doing all which is necessary for not disclosing out of safe forums any licensed information licensed by the OSL , where:

B) Licensed information granted for use to licensee only as a trade secret and only if the licensee is committed to not disclose the information out of safe forums;

C) Licensed information may be copied by licensees only in and/or in between safe forums;(freedom_2)

D) Licensed information may be made available to others only in safe forums, and when the information is interpretable by machine merely, then it must be made available with licensed information being interpretable by human, where the latter decodes and clarifies the former (so that we can see it, freedom_1 );

E) Licensed information may be modified by licensees, only when identification of modifying the information with the date of the modification in relation to all previous modifications until and including all the origins of the information are made available, as the licensed information is available in any safe forum/s;(freedom_3)

F) The producer/s making the origin of and/or of modification of licensed information must be given a share of a profit made from the information, if the producer/s wishes and the profit is bigger than a minimum fixed by the producer/s, in such a case, those who do not share their profit are the competitors of the producer/s;

G) Licensed information may be package available in safe forums only to licensees creating their safe forum, which is or includes the media into which the package is copied, in such a case the licensee may use licensed information;(freedom_0)

H) Spreading information referring in the public domain to a specific licensed information may only be about the referred information and not disclosing the licensed information to the exstant of giving an vantage to the competitors of the producer/s, hence the spreading information can serve only for the purpose of attracting the others in the public domain to the specific referred information in the safe forums; and

I) Any licensee in the above conditions is permitted to participate in or to create safe forums.

Trade secret laws, licensed information and safe forums

The information granted to licensees are able to pass only in and in between such safe forums and only such availability of the information is licensed.

As for licensed information, the safe forums practically act as free area, since any licensee accepting said conditions can create or participate in safe forums.

Licensed information then, can be known to all, but also is held as a secret by each of us, as it is disclosed only in the safe forums.

As trade secrets, the information are by definition not disclosed to the world at large, only in safe forums. Such licensed information by definition can never be, as copyrighted information can, in the public domain.

With securing the licensed information in the safe forums and with having our works being licensed information dated and well disinguished from works of others, we can better hold our case in court, if we can find our distinguished works later dated in the hand of other than a licensee.

The conflict upon which such case in court can be built surrounds such license licensing information, as the licensing also grants making from the information a profit bigger than a fixed minimum, but only if the profit is shared with the owner of the information, and so the conflict is against competitors making profit (and/or earning privilege), but without such sharing.

Such competitors are the relevant portion of the public to which the licensed information is to be kept unknown, where the penalty for not applying the requests for securing the information against the competitors is up to the fixed minimum and for making unshared profit is fixed and higher than the expected share, say as e.g. 10%.

a work holds all the 3 undermentioned conditions:
A) the work is new at its issued time;
B) the work is understandable beyond its current description; and
C) the feasibility of the usefulness of the work is accepted,
where the first condition fail to hold only if a valid reference to the same idea issued in a previous work is given and
where each of the two other conditions fail to hold only if introducing criteria, by which the prove is applicable, and by which the work results from the prove in failing to hold the condition, are all given understood and agreed;

A derivative is a description being derivative work relying on or using one or more idea and/or such derivatives, all being its origins, where an derivative holds when all its origins are informed in its identification presented in accessing it and/or in itself and where the condition fail to hold if a valid reference to origin of the work which is not informed in its identification or when an origin is informed but is not an origin of the work.

Before any derivative in safe forum may be accessed, all its origins must be offered to be challenged, and only after accepting their conditions to hold the access to the derivative may be provided.

Terms: IDEA its Derivatives and format

For to attract contributors of ideas merely and even for to secure their ideas and instead of pushing such contributors toward making patents and be obligated to the companies covering the high costs of the patenting, we can have the ideas as trade secrets qualified differently than other trade secrets, where the ideas with their derivatives are confined in special key zone, but first here are my proposed definitions of such terms:

A) IDEA means the specific key for solving one or more specific problems,
where one or more of the definitions defining the IDEA answer what is to be assembled and how the components of the assemblage are to be aligned and be applied each with the other and with what intention/s, reason/s and/or position/s the assemblage is to be assembled
and where an IDEA is defined such that,
is named as … name of the IDEA;
is made in … date the IDEA was made;
is intellectual property of…owner of IDEA;
is permitted to be used under …conditions of using of the IDEA;
and is defined by one or more of the undermentioned definitions:
definition 1,2,3…

B) Derivative work of an IDEA means any of the descriptions describing, using and/or relying on the IDEA or on one or more of its definitions, also as the descriptions describe executable tool/s and including the tool/s interpretable by machine together with all their derivatives.

C) FORMAT OF DESRIPTION: a description describing executable tool is divided into 3 parts, namely:
1. the IDEA;
2. the statement of usefulness, answering at least one aspect of what use can be accomplished by using the IDEA; and
3. the relation or the body between the IDEA and its usfulness, containing all other which has to be described.

The 2 tests

NOVELTY TEST: the one accessing the IDEA is asked to agree that at least one of the definitions of the IDEA is new for the one, then the NOVELTY TEST passes if the one agrees, otherwise the NOVELTY TEST fails and the one must leaves the safe forum after notfication saying that only if all the definitions of the IDEA are previously known to the one and the one is able to point to all the definitions as a complete IDEA given to the one by other means than the current, then the one is permitted to use the IDEA and all its derivative works.

UNDERSTANDING TEST: the one accessing the IDEA is asked to agree that the one understand the IDEA beyond its current description to such degree that the one is able to describe it differently or to find different description of it, by which the one can conclude the usefulness of the IDEA or of its derivative works.

The Key Zones

Each IDEA with all its derivative works, when is not protected by patent laws (expensive), but is wished to be protected as licensed information by trade secret laws in safe forums, can be protected in its key zone.

Each key zone is an independent part in a safe forum, which is defined by one different IDEA or integration of some IDEAs, and which contains the IDEA/s with all its/their derivative works in the safe forum.

The access to the derivative works of an IDEA is conditioned by the access to the IDEA, after which access the following two tests of NOVELTY and of UNDERSTANDING together with accepting the condition of using of the IDEA, must be passed.

The condition of using of the IDEA

Here are the condition of using of the IDEA :

The value of the availability of an IDEA or of each of its derivatives works is able to be in exchange in contract granting license to licensee only for full commitment of the licensee to:

1. Producing derivative work of the IDEA is conditioned by accepting this agreement.

2. Marking the attribution informing the ORIGIN and FORKING of the work with any modifying or making available the IDEA and/or its derivative works;

3. Sharing of PROFIT/PRIVILEGE derived to the licensee from any modifying resulted in derivative work/s of the IDEA or using, copying, modifying or making available the modification, where the sharing is proportional to the PROFIT/PRIVILEGE when is greater than fixed minimum and the sharing is with one representative authorized by the owner of IDEA, with which the proportion is agreed before crossing the minimum;

4. Disclosing the IDEA and/or its derivatives works is permitted only in safe forum and/or packages to which access is conditioned by first having issued the mark of the attribution and then accepting this agreement and when such safe forums and/or packages are integrated, then the access to the integration is conditioned by accepting the agreement in exchange for the availability of all IDEAs and/or their derivatives works in the integration.

where any safe forum in its activities garenting sucsses of NOVELTY TEST and UNDERSTANDING TEST:

5. NO charging of WARRANTY of any kind by the licensee.

6. TRANSPARENCY of INTENTION of use of the licensee.

for more see OSL in piletech

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