Our Powers
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We people, have powers beyond and within any of the so called "legal terms". Our powers can be divided into 3 practical and 1 spiritual (LCOS) categories of powers, which are (to be) exercised by us upon resources, where the categories are:

The (L) Labored power -

each power in this category is exercised in the work/service and the manner of working/servicing which we do and perform/produce in return to resources or which chose not to do and/or to perform/produce;

The (C) Consuming power -

each power in this category is exercised by the choices we make in the spending of resources we do or do not;

The (O) Opinionative power -

each power in this category is of having an opinion and acting according to it, an opinion, among the others, such as a political one;

The (S) Spiritual power -

this is a collective term for powers other than the 3 practical powers (the L, C and O). By our spiritual powers we constitutes our identities in the attempts to answer who/how we are and to what/whom we belong, while, in regarding to the others, as we exercise the inclusion in and/or the exclusion out of the oneness/es, which each, some and/or all of us belong to, is, become, want/need to be, to become, and/or promote etc, as that oneness/es is/are the set according which we orient.


Power is the ability to influence.

Exercising power is influencing.

Resources are what powers may be exercised upon and resources may be powers.

Momentum is the results of influences, which continue to influence through time, of which each unit is one moment.


Orientation is the act of measuring oneself as being a part with the others, while losing the distinction of the one from the others and together with the others becoming belong.

Competition is the act of measuring oneself against others, such that the result from the measuring is a substitutive one as opposed to a supplemental one, that is a result of either the one or the others reach, or obtain more advantages in reaching, a specific goal.

The act of measuring oneself within a momentum may be of competition or orientation, which may includes either of both, but tends to be self contradictive, if the one and the same others are measured simultaneously in a moment by the same measurements, as the act is of orientation as well as of competition, where such contradiction may be resolved either in corroborating, as the one with the others are united, or when the one and/or the others are eliminated.

More power means able to change more in competition and/or means is perceived as more unique in regard to one or more momentums.








At any moment, with any momentum and in each of the issues that each of us is involved in:

  • each of us may have and exercise one of the powers/categories of powers, more or less than the other powers/categories of powers and/or more or less than the others between us;
  • some or all of the powers/categories of powers, which each, some or all of us have and exercise(s), may contradict or may corroborate each other;
  • and when these powers/categories of powers less contradicting each other, presumably we then become more calm.


In an attempt to be belong endlessly:

  • exclusiveness is exercised by inheritably excluding others from resources, that is including only those who exercise the exclusiveness as the owners of their property being the resources,
    • where the resources are excluded from any influence of other than the owners
    • and where when each of the owners would pass away, also the property would be assigned (as inheritance) to (some of) the descendant/s of the owner, if the exclusiveness is racist, otherwise to (some of) the heir/s of the owner;
  • Social and/or racist cliques are organizations or groups of people, between which exclusiveness is embedded;


Cliques tend to maintain their domination in exploiting resources, as they exercise competitions between themselves for maintaining theirs forms be distinguished, up to the extent of reduction in the sustainability of the whole,

  • if, despite the increasing scale of the competitions between the cliques, the diversity of the forms of the cliques would not grow, such that the resources would be kept badly distributed,
  • and if the others being excluded by the exclusiveness would mostly not exercise their powers out of the competitions between the cliques,

because then most of the powers wouild not be exercised and/or would be exercised only as the powers contradict each others!!!

As for what extent the sustainability of the whole is reduced, please see the problem of the global warming and dimming we must be facing. See also an inconvenient truth.


~~namzezam at 24/01/07~~

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