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The principles of the constitution of its citizens

The formation suggested is of one constitution having many sub-constitutions and many states, each of which, or each of the citizens of the state, also belongs to the constitution and as such at any time may chose, create or give away the belonging of the one to any sub-constitutions and/or states;

Such sub-constitution is the foundation for the "legal terms" which is accepted by the citizen as terms restricting the one in having and/or exercising the powers of the one;

Taking in the account the term resources as a collective term for what our powers may be exercised upon, the foundation of the resources is in the responsible control of states, each of which responsibility is toward its citizens and each size of state is limited;

In any state must be kept the separation of powers according which
the informative, legislative, executive and judicial branches of government controlling the states are kept distinct, to prevent abuse of power, where the all the members in the four branches are elected only for a limited period of time and where all the governing in the state of all the branches together with any exercising of powers in the state and all the resources grounded on the state, are all governed only by the lows of the state.

The informative branch gets from any one or any thing, and provides to any of the citizens of the state, any information, knowledge and its quantifying, according which and only in regard to which all the governing in the state by and in all the four branches and all the choices made in the governing are exercised or expected to be exercised, where some of such information may be classified but only for limited time and only with limited conditions, such that, at any time, the informative branch provides the most available complete and lucid narrative along the time of the state;

The legislative branch approve the lows of the state;

The members in the judicial branch interpret the lows of the state by deciding cases and controversies according to the lows;

and the executive branch takes all necessary care that the laws of the state are faithfully executed by carrying all the responsibilities toward the citizens of the state for the day-to-day management of the state.

~~namzezam at 24/01/07~~

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