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[10:31] ?????????:Should Constitutional amendments be proposed and ratified by direct popular vote?

[10:31] namzezam: hi
[10:31] namzezam: are u still here?
[10:40] namzezam: please crete a page named as you wish in or use for to make for you question be part of the making of our constitution. I hope that it is clear for you that this constitution is not of usa and is in procces, which I hope you would get invove with. thanks

first answer:
the constitution of its citizens is the one which we make here and which you can influence upon its form by reflecting, however this constitution has many sub-constitutions, in each of which your question apparently must be resolved, but that belongs to those who create and belong to the sub-constitution. In other word this qestion has two phases.

requested from anonymous mail:

16/02/07, 20:35->This constitution what inherent rights has its\' citizens?doc mongoose
first answer:
inherent rights are defined in each sub-constitution, but in anyway must be defined as moderated, i.e. with expired date, or at its peek, i.e. with no expired date.

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