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The evidences leading us to our conclusions formulated by the constitution of its citizens

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One main aspect of the evidences is the 9/11 events. (some of which can still be found here with one argument explaining why the other are again and again made hidden). We urge you to learn the evidences also from other sources and we welcome any discussion, in either emotional or cerebral form, about the evidences merely. However, although we do not demand knowing (all of) them, those are important evidences for understanding our social conclusions summarized in the constitution of its citizens.

The Latest

MAY 2007, TYRANNY IN MAKING NOWADAYS: George Bush's Power Grab: Authorizes Martial Law Provisions

Saturday 2nd: G8 Protests Timeline

We are leaving in thin area of the the planet, in which by our non ethical society must we affect?

9/11 Truth: Al Qaeda Doesn't Exist, the pic meeting the law which is created for you by fbi, The Power of Nightmares Bcc

G8 G8

The unable to be denied: In a free fall speed falling steel structured buildings into their bases with explosive devices planted beforehand at each floor, for being timed with the hit only in the upper floors by the airplanes and with the explosion of the the airplanes long before the collapses !!!

the senate and media , you know it, do not you?

Painful Deceptions, what is the interest of the media in the last 5 years, who own it?

Your judges take orders unrelated to the case from Cliques!!!
Spread the word: http://truth-tv.org

A military coup also in Israel says Haaretz

post 9/11 U.S. military aid and assistance in the post-9/11 era.

JFK Assassination: Secret Service Standdown 1/4
meet Dennis Kucinich

Tuesday May 8, 2007: Only 55% are against impeachment (with a 4% margin of error)!!! Who and what are those in the house?

Bush - Nazi Connection
Bush Family are Nazi
9/11 Whistle-Blowers Part I

WHAT IS BOHEMIAN GROVE and who are in the CLUB?
the privatization of your army, that makes you what?

just read it
the media and bush, make the joke on you

meet the Psychopath Corporations as USA citizens being the evil corrupting beings assembling the globalization

meet the PNAC activist and activities and understand the context

Stop The War - Islamophibia 911 Lindsey German Part 1 of 2

Hollywood Anti-War Protest Clips Set to Neil Young

April 8: Democrats back away from Iraq troops withdrawal demand!!!

UNDERSTAND 9/11 among other False Flag Terrorism, Annie Machon Whistleblower 2007

NWO, a thing to learn about, and to conclude from!!!

Paul D. Wolfowitz linking Saddam Hussein to al-Qaida
That Paul D. Wolfowitz, where is he nowadays ?

So 5 years the Pentagon lie to itself and other, upon which lies USA staged its wars and what are you going to do about it?
What More Info Do Americans Need, where are you Americans, or better how are you or much better, what are you, and the best, what are you and how are you better than any thing out of YOUR beautiful country?

bush and gonzales why?
leaving in time of exponentiation, do you know?
The 1984 must begin in universities, which is why i was never there!!!
the power of the people upon the political races
the hypocrisy of Democrat leaders on the War on Terror
The FBI has been found guilty. The FBI Abused Patriot Act rules!!!
Mayor Rocky Anderson speaks in Olympia, WA for SJM 8016 to IMPEACH BUSH/CHENEY
slowly please ah, you can even try help him by dragging with your mouth, but bush is such which always falls
also see the concentric
aljazeerah's common sense

Libby<-NewCon<-Paul Wolfowitz<-Yale ,a black eye for White House, was convicted
Libby, what is next, until impeachment and more

global corruption nowadays, get involved to improve it, but we do need massive and bigger change, what about constitution of its citizens?

Let's internationally fight the myth of the 21 century conspired by the media and others
Move your ass in all the world: Emergency Summit to Impeach Bush, and look at the references
move your ass again
the world must do!
9.11.2001 questions
The Power Hour

Why must I begin to learn ?

Because when I am so lucky here, while it is getting to the worst there, then I know that the worst would come to here, if I would not do something about it.
9/11 Scholars
another notice
Alex talk: The Day America Fell : Oct 2nd 2006!!!
9/11 truth about NIST (the National Institute of Standards and Technology)
currently in development, the Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice
violator of the regime (only for strong computers)
Morgan Reynolds - 9/11 Search for Truth
New American Citizen
What Did The Justice Department Hide From The 9/11 Commission?
meet mr John Gross of NIST
Bush and the constitution of USA, added : May 11, 2006

ALL Bushes are Nazis

George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography
ALL Bushes are Nazis. Now see also the bank shelling the Nazis.
US Naval Base MARRIED WITH the Swastika, the symbol of Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich.
the 1913 sin: America Freedom to Fascism Authorized version

Terrorism is what?

Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) say it in short

The Cliques making

The CIA owning media, new world order & the secret team control

and now you can also follow the embarrassing try of bbc try to reflect and try again while this is what bbc already showed but ignore
First broadcast in March 2002, emotional and still embarrassing, while ignoring the explosive, with no account for the free speed of the falling, THAT IS TO SAY STILL BBC OWE us 5 YEARS AFTER more,
while other European (9 sep 2005 Duch tv, channel 2 !!!) talk so differently!!

here is the 9/11 TIME LINE, now as you KNOW, the question left over is what happened to the media in the last 5 years?
what the media does not do
and here are some more of what is not in the media

and at last on On 18 February 2007, the BBC made its first attempt to debunk the 9/11 Truth Movement.

and the response about this

A brief but carefully presented and supported criminal indictment

Bush's Media Manipulation, a must be learned, how the blamed media is still nowadays covering the 9/11 covering up. sorry for the current quality of the video.

BBC and WT7

by the way meet Gore Vidal and know why

The Properties catch

Behind the federal reserve and IRS, the Freedom To Fascism (-capitalism in decay), an interview with Aaron Russo and Freedom To Fascism in written too
Secrets of the New World Order / Politics / Analysis & Strategy
money at its peak see also how it could be moderated .

The sustainability of the whole is already in reduction

Please see the problem of the global warming and dimming we must be facing and see also an inconvenient truth and such.
water alternative to gas

In its attempt to spread out freedom, is USA a democracy in at all?

how come it still not bother you?

George Bush - A Legacy of Torture

Torturing from texas to abu ghraib
This is dangers. Open up...


The red and green areas and iraq as what we talk about IS what we do NOT know
The red as it is, is worthy at lest to listen to iraqi telling about their lost generation
get out
is it feel cool to install fear

follow up

just do it
the authentic voice of the widows
complete 911 timeline
Alex Jones: horror of state sponsor terrorism (cia mi6)

Looking for

"michael meacher" after having what he said
the unresistible "loose change"

The Future of P2P Networks:

analytical research of the fear holding us each other:

terribly interesting, energetic balancing and imbalancing tools, Mind Control - Excellent Documentary:

Lawsuits against usa government:



Europe constitution


Do - Time Has Come

Another beautiful citizens for impeachment. Would the political structure in USA would make impeachment on 911 issues, or would it, ill as it is, would try close the issue as inner case as in the case of JFK, still rejecting massive support coming out of USA?

Paul Hellyer - Toronto Citizens 911 Inquiry Paul Hellyer - Toronto Citizens 911 Inquiry
March 2007, Impeach Bush campaign launched
help now, please help her for helping yourself among the other
Impeach The President, Honeydrippers tune
the constitution is talked in senate at last!!!
The Case for Impeachment No.2
what and how an IMPEACHMENT is about?
Americans Question Bush on 9/11
http://www.dailykos.com/ impeachment in doing
impeach the media
Time Has Come
Pelosi prevent impeachment to be realized
impeachment against bush must be also aginst cheney
and Pelosi is the one, after bush and cheney, to be the president
why she does this and for how long could she do this?
A talk of one honest lady
one more blues
1/2 million turned to some tens thousand by the coward media
| George Carlin: "Owners of This Country"
87% in online pull want to impeach
this is a revolution due impeachment
Alex in action
We'll Impeach 'Em

~~namzezam at 24/01/07~~

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