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Who and Why are We?

This is an initial voice of the movement !

  • We believe that
    • love need the truth and truth need the love
  • We are seeking for how to put (each of ourselves among things as well as the) things into order, as we found ourselves unsatisfied with, or in opposition to
    • centralization,
    • globalization,
    • hierarchies/hierarchical-structure and/or
    • categorization into boxes or classes, (such as some of us do, when we are racists, nationalists, or when we generally oppose the others, in serving our religions, cultural or social powers).
  • We are interwoven, active and commercial, by which means we are activists and just because as such we see ourselves and as such we want ourselves to be, as such we are
  • We the people, from all over the world, act for our powers be fluent in any form and formation and we use our powers for gaining the sustainability of us as a whole and with the others, by achieving



Nowadays, even more than who have the control on making order, it is the type of making the order, which is so wrong and which leads us to the wrong.

What is wrong is emerged in interwoven elements of money making with elements of wars making together with governing and media, which cover up and support the linked controlling makers, hence that wrong appears orchestrated.

Tackling what is wrong must begin in understanding the current type of making order and its alternatives, with regard to main evidences, but firstly regardless of resources and then with regard to any resorces.

And so we find ourselves political, technological and philosophical.

By understanding how centralization becomes firm although radiation from unique source of power (without reflection) is very temporal or expensive and by letting our differences be evaluated by moderated properties, we intend to keep our differences growth and ourselves being grow from any of us being the parts to wholes, of which each is a Self-Organizing System, regulated by one or more sub-constitutions and influencing resources originating in one more states. Hence intending to moderate or cut (ourselves away from) the option of endless bloodline's control held by some of us.

This, we know, is a long way to go for overcoming all which is wrong, so we intend to overcome only our parts and to shine over the others, since we believe in the efficiency of our self-organizing systems, we also belive that this way is the shortest way to achieve satisfactory results.

For gaining back the continuity of us all, despite any bloodline controls tending to situate themselves in the inner concentric circles, and for not allowing the use of us to defend those who leads us to the wrong, but only as much as each of us realizes which is wrong, we, for ourselves, must, but not more than what we can, independently and interactively judge what is wrong and what is not.

Thus, the technological device for achieving such sensitive and interactive shared judgement and interaction we develop as part of making (alive while building) this constitution of its citizens. It is named p2pcommunities and it would allow us dynamically being grouped together for cooperatively creating our common interactive knowledge base personally secured and self made, which together with the permission of each of us, would enable us randomly upon our decision acting as one, at once, instantly and in any field, including the ones in the real world, even by politically and commercially, also due to our consuming powers, imposing others.

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You are welcome to participate in the making, in the developing of the technology and/or by any private messages, as you use this contact us.


You can help to influence with your curiosity


~~namzezam at 24/01/07~~

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